World of Warcraft Hallowen, New Items, Updated Boss

Posted by Admin | 12:52 AM

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Once again, it's that time of year; from today until November 2, World of Warcraft players get to participate in arguably their all-time favorite holiday event, Hallow's End. Fabled after Halloween, all of Azeroth's inhabitants get to dress up in costumes and masks, eat handfuls of candy and ride around on Magic Broom mounts. Hallow's End offers activities for all; low-level characters get to participate in trick-or-treating at Inns, collecting candy and special items, dousing fires from hourly Headless Horseman attacks and more.

Following the pattern we've seen from the updated holiday boss from the Brewfest event, higher-level players get to face a revamped, level-80 Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard this year. As MMO-Champion recently discovered, the Headless Horseman's loot table features upgraded gear, on par with item level 200. Each item is a higher-level equivalent of previous gear, such as the The Horseman's Horrific Helm, the Ring of Ghoulish Glee, The Horseman's Baleful Blade and more. Of course, players can still (with any luck) expect him to drop the elusive Sinister Squashling non-combat pet, the Hallowed Helm and broom mounts like the Swift Magic Broom and Magic Broom. If you're really lucky, you might even get a chance at The Horseman's Reins, the permanent Headless Horseman's mount. Lastly, remember to complete the Hallowed Be Thy Name achievement if you haven't already; you'll get the title, "The Hallowed." Plus, it's a requisite for the meta-achievement, What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been. Happy hunting, everyone!

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